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District spreadsheets land, treasurers scramble

By John Published: March 24, 2011

?Thursday budget update: Ok, we got the spreadsheets just before 12:30 p.m. and I've spent the afternoon crunching them as best as possible. You can get them at the Office of Budget Management.

School treasurers were lighting up their email networks trying to figure out how the state was presenting the numbers.

First takes:

Federal stimulus money is not replaced, but state aid is shifted so that poorer districts are better able to cushion the blow. Wealthier districts would take a whack that  exceeds the stimulus they received to help make that happen.

But the big outstanding question is what happens to the loss of the property tax on inventory that the state eliminated in 2005. Districts had been receiving reinbursement and thought that would continue another two years. Instead, under the proposed budget, the state would begin cutting back on those reinbursements next year.

More  to come:



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