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Flip video: "rest in pieces"

By John Published: April 15, 2011

This week Cisco, the makers of the  Flip video camcorder, announced that it's shutting down production. Here's the obit by David Pogue  in the New York Times.

The most plausible reason is that Cisco wants the technology in the Flip more than it wants the business. Cisco is, after all, in the videoconferencing business, and the Flip's video qualityfor its size and pricewas amazing. Maybe, in fact, that was Cisco's plan all along. Buy the beloved Flip for its technology, then shut it down and fire 550 people.

Flip video camcorders have been popular in schools because they're relatively inexpensive and easy for students to use. Teachers often have a drawer full of them they can check out to students for all kinds of projects. Reporters have used them, too, either as visual notetaking devices and to make videos to post online.

I posted my first Flip video on First Bell on Feb. 3, 2010 of Akron superintendent David James pledging not to put a levy on the ballot at his annual "State of the Schools" address.

Since then, I've made several videos showing cool lessons like these:

Chemistry made cool by COSI

CSI--Stow-Munroe Falls

Revolutionary lesson plan

Mad Hot Akron

Wadsworth 5th graders rescue astronauts

and this one, about  U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Darrell Stamps Sr. who flew across the country to walk his son to school:

All of these were done with the very simple, easy-to-use Flip camcorder. I'll use mine as long as I can, but I'm sorry too to see the Flip's demise.

Click on the button "Education Videos"  in the right hand column to brouse all of my videos on First Bell.



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