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Fordham Institute/Catalyst Ohio dig into report cards

By John Published: September 2, 2010

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute a staunch defender of the charter school movement nationally and the sponsor of six charter schools in Ohio has a detailed analysis of the 2009-2010 state report cards here.  They dig deep into Akron here.

Akron charter students were much more likely to be in Academic Emergency (29 percent) than Akron district students (6 percent) . Akron district students also were much less likely to be in the lowest rating compared with district students in the Big 8 as a whole (21 percent). Of all the Big Urban 8 charter students, 28 percent attended schools in Academic Emergency, about the same as Akron charter students).

Also, check out Rachel Abbey's article for Catalyst Ohio on the "value added" measure of the state report cards and how it affected the scores of the Urban 8 districts, including Akron, which went from above expected growth to below expected growth. As we've noted, this value-added score also messed up some of the traditionally high performing suburban schools such as Hudson and Revere, which dropped from Excellent with Distinction to Excellent because they didn't maintain two consecutive years of above expected growth.



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