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Green schools clear of red ink, treasurer says

By admin Published: September 28, 2011

Treasurer Eydie Snowberger has unveiled a five-year forecast for the Green school district in which positives abound and there is no red ink.

“There are no new levies scheduled for this forecast,” Snowberger said.

As long as state funding is not slashed further, Snowberger said, the district should not see red ink during the next five years. She cautioned that the positive balance hinges on voter approval of a renewal of a 2009 emergency levy set to expire in 2014.

The school board on Monday approved a $44,594,135 budget for this year’s budget cycle and a five-year forecast that projects a surplus of $2,853,678 in 2016.

Snowberger credits staff concessions on health insurance and the three-year base wage freeze with making a major difference in the district’s budgeting. She also noted that the state average for district wage and benefit expense is 83 percent. Green’s wages and benefits account for 79 percent of the district’s expenses – before the concessions it was 85 percent.

Currently, Green’s enrollment is 4,138 – a drop of 99 students compared with last year. This includes 68 fewer in kindergarten.

Superintendent Michael Nutter said many of those kindergartners who attended school elsewhere will likely return for first grade.

Snowberger said there are two more state budget bills during this forecast period “that could significantly change [again] the way schools are funded.”

The treasurer also said that reductions of federal grants and other funding totaled $1,567,711, while final staff cuts amounted to 18 educators and nine clerical staff.

Board member Steven Foster said: “We’re on solid footing for the next few years.”



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