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Hamster Cleaner 3000 a winner

By John Published: September 3, 2010

Congratulations to National Inventors Hall of Fame 6th grader  Brandon Smith, who won a $1000 U.S. Savings bond in Time Warner Cable's  ''Coolest Creation'' contest sponsored by Local on Demand channel 411.

His principal instructional leader Traci Buckner announced that he had won at the dedication ceremony for  the new school yesterday morning.

Brandon keeps hamsters at home and wanted to invent a way to clean the cage, a weekly task, without handling the nasty absorbent bedding. His "Hamster Cleaner 3000" uses a fan as a reverse vacuum to blow the bedding out of a scoop into a receptacle for the trash (presumably the Hamster has been removed first).

The competition involved students from Northeast Ohio.
The ten finalists were selected from an Invention Convention event in May at the Cleveland Great Lakes Science Center and fans were invited to vote as often as they wanted most of the summer to choose a winner.

Other nine finalists, according to Time Warner Cable, after the jump:

Spencer & Cyrus Bradford
Ella Canavan Elementary in Medina
''Popsicle Sweater''

Joshua Lacoste
Huntington Elementary, Brunswick
''Water Wall''

Jason Tysl
Park Elementary, Chardon
''Rain B Gone''

Laci Riley & Morgan Davis
Copopa Elementary, Columbia
''The Malaci''

Johnny Willi
Parkside Intermediate, Westlake
''Downspout Generator''

Sarah Conway
Copopa Elementary, Columbia
''Snack Hat''

Ashley Krupinski
Copopa Elementary, Columbia
''Mail Carrier 3000''

Jordan Wasko
Copopa Elementary, Columbia
''Tissue Window''

Brandon Frania
Park Elementary, Chardon
''Crutch Carry-All''



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