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Hudson one of 100 best places for young people

By John Published: September 24, 2010

Today's story about two Buchtel High seniors receiving grants  to improve dropout rates talks about one of the programs of America's Promise Alliance, the organization General Colin Powell founded in 1997.

That organization also has recognized Hudson as one of the 100  best communities in the country for young people, focusing on the efforts of Hudson Community First.  

The Hudson community recognized that their youth were making questionable decisions in the mid 1990's. A local nonprofit organization was formed with the help of the local school district and concerned community members. The charge of the organization, called Community First, was to target drugs, alcohol, dropout rates and risky decision making on the part of the community's youth population. Community First pulled all entities in the community together to focus on the wellness of youth.

Since Community First was launched, surveying shows that dropout rates and secondary education opportunities continue to improve – that 67 percent of their high school students report that "their life has a purpose" and 75 percent are optimistic about their personal future.

Read the whole America's Promise Alliance citation here and get a list of all 100 communities recognized here.
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