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Kids don't get to vote, but they deserve to be heard

By John Published: March 23, 2010

(Erwine Middle School art students painted these CornHole boards, photo:Coventry Local Schools)
Brianna Smith, a 6th grader at Erwine Middle School (Coventry Local Schools) wrote this letter to the editors of the Akron Beacon Journal about Coventry's 6.25 mill levy on the May 4 ballot. The district had a community meeting about the levy on March 9 and showed this PowerPoint presentation about the levy.

Here's Brianna's letter:

Dear Editors,

I am in the 6th grade at Erwine Middle School. If our school levy doesn't pass, we will not have all of our school activities anymore. Like art, music, band, gym, football and even cheerleading. I like gym so I really want the school levy to pass so I can still have gym. It would be very boring without any activities. We would be stuck in other classes. Also one of my biggest concerns is teachers would no longer have jobs at Erwine Middle School. Some of my friends would miss their teachers.


Brianna Smith



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