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Midnight in Ohio

By John Published: March 7, 2012

It looks like Buckeye's 1 percent earned income tax is going down, but we'll have to follow up tomorrow on that one. Also not sure about Canton Local's bond issue also appeared to be failing. It looks like all the renewals passed, but we've got incomplete results from Stark and Medina counties.

Triway won, Woodridge lost a squeaker (Akron can tell you all about how that feels), and Field and Waterloo once again failed. They're the only districts I'm aware of that faced organized opposition (Portage County Tea Party).

Buckeye may be following Cloverleaf into fiscal emergency. It's a scary sounding situation, but basically it just means that the district can borrow money from the state to make payroll and stay afloat. The money has to be paid back and comes with major strings attached (in the form of  a state commission in charge of all financial decisions).

I remember covering painful Springfield board meetings when it was under state takeover. Residents pleaded to keep open an elementary school or try again to go on the ballot, only to be told no. Once you're in debt to the state, the state calls the shots until you can project five consecutive years without a deficit.Springfield did it without raising operating taxes, but only after much anguish.



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