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More kudos on APS state report card

By John Published: August 24, 2010

I was on the phone with someone  from East High School who disappointed that I didn't mention East moving from academic watch to continuous improvement when I got an email from someone at Firestone disappointed that I didn't mention that Firestone, alone among APS high schools,  was rated Excellent again. Ellet High also is excellent this year. BTW, Akron Early College also is rated excellent, though it's not a traditional stand alone high school. My apologies for the omissions. Time and space didn't allow for us to include every school that showed improvement.

Here's some other highlights from the APS summary presented at the school board meeting on Monday that  we didn't have space for in today's story:

  1. Barrett, Mason and Sam Salem elementary schools moved from Academic Watch to Continuous Improvement.

  2. Akron Early College, Barber elementary school, Firestone Park elementary school, Lawndale elementary school and Rimer elementary school were among the schools  that made AYP at least two years in a row.

  3. Bettes and Pfeiffer elementary schools are among the schools that met AYP (Annual Yearly Progress on federal  goals) for reading and math after being in "school improvement" or "at risk" status.

There's more news, good and bad, in the Akron report card, which again, along with the rest of the districts and charter schools in the state, will be released on Friday. Check Saturday's ABJ for the rundown on local report cards.



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