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More on charter schools

By John Published: May 19, 2010

We've had a busy week following charter school news. Here's some Internet resources you might find interesting.

First, the links to the Ohio Policy Matters report on Imagine Schools.

Here is the Thomas B. Fordham Flypaper Blog post on the Ohio Policy Matters report.

Here is the page for an investigative series that the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette did on Imagine Schools.

Here is  some work the Las Vegas Sun has been doing on Imagine out in Nevada.

Next, check out education historian Diane Ravitch's recent exchange with Deborah Meier about charter schools and President Obama's education agenda on their blog, Bridging Differences at Education Week.


Now we are at a new juncture. The Obama administration has resolved that "school reform" requires privatization of as many public schools as possible. Officials in the administration point to examples of truly excellent privately managed charter schools and imply that all privately managed schools will be equally excellent, just by being privately managed.

Now, anyone who pays attention to the newspapers knows that this presumption is wrong. There are excellent charter schools, and there are fly-by-night operations, and there are greedy speculators who see a chance to make money while drilling kids on the basics, and there are many in-betweens who are yet to prove themselves.


Finally, there's this new blog by Sharon Higgins (no relation that I know of), a parent in Oakland, CA., who is keeping track of charter school scandals.



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