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New "Mind, Brain, and Education" program in Texas

By John Published: January 17, 2011

A new master's program at the University of Texas at Arlington is the latest effort to bridge the gap between discoveries in neuroscience and teaching practice.

The program, set to start in the fall, is the first in the nation designed for working educators, trainers and other professionals seeking to sharpen their teaching skills, the university says.
The courses will incorporate the latest research and techniques that shed light on the mysteries of brain function, the role of memory and how age affects information processing.
"We want to help children, students of all ages, to become critical thinkers, to think for themselves," said Jeanne Gerlach, dean of the UTA College of Education and Health Professions.
"We're taking information from biology, from neuroscience and from cognitive psychology, and we're looking at how those intersect and how they draw on the brain," she said. "Before, we didn't really have a way to know what was going on inside the brain."

The program is based on Harvard's Mind, Brain, and Education master's program.
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