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No Child Left Behind overhaul? Maybe.

By John Published: February 1, 2010

The New York Times reported Sunday that the Obama administration is seeking changes to the federal No Child Left Behind Legislation, scrapping the AYP (annual yearly progress) requirements that give superintendents heartburn and abandoning the highly optimistic goal that states reach 100 percent proficiency for all children in math and reading by 2014. Alexander Russo  ( This Week in Education blog) isn't holding his breath. Meanwhile, the president's new budget is out today. Reuters has a snap analysis showing education a big winner.

* Education - President Barack Obama has spent recent days forecasting budget cuts and highlighting a spending freeze in many domestic programs. Schools, however, got top billing among a handful of areas that would receive more in the new budget.

Message: the administration wants to give teeth to its commitment to improve the U.S. education system, which it sees as crucial to keeping the country competitive.



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