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Northwest passes earned income tax; Highland narrowly loses

By John Published: May 4, 2010

I was on the phone with Northwest superintendent Bill Stetler when Stark County Elections Board reached 100 percent. (Midnight update: Stark, it turns out is just over 50 percent counted, but Northwest is passing comfortably). I heard the roar of cheers at the Salt Box Ministry building in Canal Fulton. Northwest passed a 1 percent earned income tax after losing the last 10 tries at the ballot by waging an unprecedented community campaign. I'm sure other districts will want to know how they did it. So do we. More to come.

 2 a.m. update: my apologies to Highland. In some of our newspapers tomorrow we'll have the wrong result. Highland narrowly lost. We were under tight deadlines tonight and I thought Medina had counted 100 percent, but that was only for electronic ballots. There's always some paper ballots that get counted after the electronic ones and apparently those were enough to switch a close election against Highland. So we'll be making corrections tomorrow.



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