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Perkins no longer eligible for EdChoice

By John Published: February 5, 2010

I had a caller leave a message today wondering why Perkins Middle School was not on the list of schools that qualify for EdChoice vouchers to attend private school using public money. Here's what the Ohio Department of Education says about eligibility:

Students currently attending a public school in their resident district that has been rated in Academic Emergency or Academic Watch for two of the past three years are eligible to apply.

Click here and scroll down for Perkins' report card history. What you'll find is that Perkins was in "academic emergency" in 2004-2005, then in "academic watch" for the next two years. But the last two years (07-08 and 08-09, Perkins has been rated in "continuous improvement."  That means that last year was the last time that the "two out of three years" requirement made Perkins eligible for EdChoice. This year, they've been in "continuous improvement" for two out of the last three years, and therefore no longer eligible.

Perkins has a ways to go, though. Click here for latest state report card. Perkins met just one out of 10 state indicators (attendance, and barely). However, math and reading scores at the 6th grade level, while not meeting state standards, have improved each of the last three years.



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