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Poem of the Day--Tadeusz Rozewicz

By John Published: April 14, 2010

Milosz describes Tadeusz Rozewicz, who served in the guerilla Home Army in World War II, in Postwar Polish Poetry as  a "nihilistic humanitarian, constantly searching for a way out of his negation which is mitigated only by pity; his tenderness bursts  out only when he writes on little things of everyday life."

Leave us Alone

Forget about us
about our generation
live like human beings
forget about us

we envied
plants and stones
we envied dogs

I would like to be a rat
I used to say to her

I would like not to be
I would like to fall asleep
and wake up after the war
she would say with her eyes shut

forget about us
don't ask about our youth
leave us alone



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