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"Pray for Ryan" Trewin returns to school

By John Published: February 24, 2011

The Massillon Independent reports that 3rd grader Ryan Trewin is back in school at Stinson Elementary.

Ryan Trewin celebrated his 10th birthday last week by going back to school.   

The Stinson Elementary School third-grader returned to the classroom for the first time since being diagnosed with inoperable brain and spinal cancer last fall. At the time, doctors gave the Canal Fulton boy only several weeks to live. However, Ryan's condition has stabilized in recent weeks, according to Stinson Principal Lori Mariani.

On a personal note, Ryan lives in Canal Fulton, as do I. Planted in many a yard in our fair city is a white sign with "Pray for Ryan" in bold red letters above a Superman shield encompassing the letter R instead of S. The first question out-of-town guests ask  is "Who is Ryan?"

The signs are everywhere and several businesses have asked for prayers on their signs, too.

Beacon Journal staff writer Kathy Antoniotti wrote about Ryan in December when, after a weather delay, he got to ride the Spirit of Goodyear blimp.

Welcome back to school Ryan!



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