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Social network links teachers and brain scientists

By John Higgins Published: April 17, 2012

Education Week's Sarah Sparks reports from the annual educational researchers meeting in Vancouver B.C. that "speed dating" is one model for sharing information:

"Doris Alvarez, the director of the Educator Network at the University of California San Diego, has a novel answer to the call for closer teacher-researcher partnerships: Speed dating.

 Since 2010, the network has brought more than 150 district and charter teachers and principals together with researchers from UC-San Diego's Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center in meetings modeled on dating meet-ups, in which each teacher spends a few minutes talking with each scientist in rotation. A charter school principal might discuss the daily school implications of Mary Helen Immordino-Yang's research on social learning, or a middle school math teacher might learn the uses of different feedback cycles based on UC-San Diego researcher Hal Pashler's spacing effect studies. 

Even brief chats spark new insights and ongoing discussions for both scientists and teachers, Alvarez said."



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