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State takes over Ashe-sponsored charter schools

By John Published: October 3, 2011

This just in from the Ohio Department of Education:

Columbus, OH – Based on a unanimous decision of the State Board of Education at its September board meeting, the Ohio Department of Education notified Ashe Cultural Center on September 30, 2011 that it is no longer permitted to sponsor community schools for the state. 

 The Board voted Sept. 13 to accept a hearing officer's recommendation to affirm the Ohio Department of Education's (ODE's) finding that Ashe Culture Center is no longer eligible to sponsor community schools and authorized the Department to revoke Ashe's sponsorship authority. The action marks the first time the State Board of Education has revoked a sponsor's authority

 ODE found that Ashe, a sponsor of community schools, was not in compliance with its sponsorship agreement or the Department's rules for sponsorship, a finding upheld by the hearing officer's report from June 2011.  Ohio law requires an entity to have at least $500,000 in assets and demonstrate a record of financial responsibility to meet eligibility requirements. 

 As stated in Ohio law, ODE will assume sponsorship of Ashe's community schools; Cleveland Lighthouse Community School, Elite Academy of the Arts, Lion of Judah Academy, Marcus Garvey Academy, Phoenix Village Academy Primary 2, Villaview Lighthouse Community School, and Phoenix Village Academy Primary 1.

 Based on the notification today, these schools are advised that ODE will immediately become the sponsor of the seven schools and continue in that role until no later than June 30, 2013. With the exception of Marcus Garvey Academy and Elite Academy of the Arts, which are required to close by June 30 2012, each school has the ability to seek a new sponsor during this time, unless circumstances lead ODE to take actions to suspend, non-renew or terminate a school's contract, consistent with Ohio law.



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