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State yanks Ashe Culture Center's authority to sponsor charter schools

By John Published: September 14, 2011

The Plain Dealer reports that the State Board of Education is shutting down the troubled Ashe Culture Center. In Ohio, charter schools must have state-authorized sponsors.

The state school board voted unanimously Tuesday to take away Ashe Culture Center's authority to sponsor charter schools because it lacks the financial assets required to do the job.

This is the first time the state has taken such a drastic move against a sponsor.

I have written about the Ashe-sponsored  Phoenix Village Academy in Akron, which closed unexpectedly at the end of 2008. The school got in hot water with the state auditor for it initial failure to provide auditable records (the audit for FY 2007 wasn't released until May of 2009). 

Phoenix Village Academy, which opened in the fall of 2006,  had been on track to receive about $275,000 for the school year. The money was primarily to have been transferred from the Akron Public Schools because most of the students live in the Akron district.  The school received about $131,000 before closing, according to state records.

Since its opening, the school had received about $713,000 in taxpayer money.




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