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Stow-Munroe Falls lists possible cuts

By John Published: February 18, 2011

After holding 44 community meetings seeking ideas for trimming the budget, Stow-Munroe Falls has announced this week cuts that the district has made so far and potential cuts down the road.

The district, which does not have a levy on the May ballot,  has eliminated $3.5 million in expenses over the last three years, but still faces a shortfall in 2012, according to its press release.

In addition to all budget reduction options, the following items are currently being considered as cost reduction possibilities. These are suggestions received through the community engagement meetings. 

  • Re-configuration of Kimpton Middle School

  • Upcoming union negotiations

  • Increase class sizes

  • Alternative methods to provide non-instructional services

  • Close buildings during non-instructional times

  • Different building configuration

Read a list of cuts so far from the district's press release after the jump

As of February 2011, the following is a comprehensive list of reductions made to date.

Administrative Reductions

Assistant Superintendent

Business Manager

Community Relations Coordinator

High School Assistant Principal

Summer School Principals (2)

Other Staff Reductions

High School Guidance Counselor

High School Attendance Secretary

Summer School Secretaries (2)

Supplemental Positions (66)

Department/Grade Level Chairs

Teaching Positions (18)

Maintenance Secretary

Central Office Receptionist

Middle School Receptionist

Maintenance Personnel (3)

High School Parking Attendant

Monitors (5)

Preschool Aides (3)

Educational Assistant

Student Control Monitor

Additional Cost Savings Measures Implemented

Instituted pay to participate

Eliminated high school bussing and implemented cluster bus stops

Reduced building budgets by 10 percent

Eliminated professional development except through grant funding

New teacher to the district mentor program has been eliminated

Textbooks have not been purchased for three years (note: state-mandated books may have been purchased in compliance with state requirements.)

Reduced overtime except for emergency only

Honeywell Energy Savings Project implemented, a savings of $665,000  

Reduced technology budget by 50 percent

Reduced healthcare costs through five percent employee contribution

Reduced food service expenditures by $72,000

High School Electives Eliminated

Painting II

Sculpture, Modeling and Construction

World of Art

Creative Writing I

Creative Writing II

Mass Communication II

Mythology I

Mythology II

Personal Image

Music Appreciation

Musical Theatre

Voice Class

Custom Interiors

Single Survival



Advanced Photography

Academy of Theatre Arts and Performance (ATAP)

Graphic Communication I

Graphic Communication II

Computer Networking

Healthy Life Styles

Golf/Physical Conditioning

Cycling/Badminton Archery

International Sports

Home Improvement



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