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Stress, child development and the juvenile court

By John Published: September 22, 2011

Two great articles in Cerebrum, a publication by the Dana Foundation, about the role of stress in child development.

Start here and then click on the companion piece about research in this area.

Here's a quotation from the article "From Lab Bench to Court Bench: Using Science to Inform Decisions in Juvenile Court."

An understanding and embrace of this science necessitates a new priority in the courtroom and child welfare system. Maltreated babies and toddlers must come out of the institutional shadows and become the main focus of the child welfare system and its partners. The court must take a leadership role in changing policy to highlight the needs of these children and must demand that court practice, informed by science, reflect those needs. The incorrect belief that a baby is not really harmed by abuse and neglect must be erased and replaced with a belief in the unfortunate truth that it is rarely the case that a maltreated baby or toddler shows no symptoms. The symptoms can be detected and treated in a well-functioning court system where the law and science coexist.

While you're at the Dana Foundation site, check out this section devoted to education.
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