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Teaching evolution

By John Published: February 8, 2011

A couple of days ago I posted on a survey of biology teachers that showed tepid endorsement of evolution in the classroom.

The Hechinger Report has a lot more to say about the challenges of teaching evolution versus, say, the  Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements.

To help his students understand why evolution is widely accepted by scientists, Jeremy Mohn, who's taught the controversial subject for more than a decade at Blue Valley Northwest High School near Kansas City, discusses different viewpoints, including creationism and intelligent design.

''You have to take the time to address these types of nonscientific concerns,'' said Mohn, who writes about his experiences at Biology teachers face different concerns than other science teachers, he said. ''You don't have people in a chemistry classroom who have been raised to believe that the periodic table comes from the devil and that if they believe in it they are going to go to hell.''



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