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Weekend reading, links on autism research, textbook rentals, feathered dinosaurs and EdChoice

By John Published: February 5, 2010

I'm off today (taking my kindergarten daughter to the Valentine's  daddy-daughter dance tonight, weather permitting, and didn't want to chance getting stuck at work). But here's some links to stories for your Friday and weekend reading:

1. eSchoolNews has a page of links on the latest in Autism research.

2. Beacon Journal higher education reporter Carol Biliczky has an interesting story in today's Akron Beacon Journal about Stark State College renting text books to help students save some money.

3. Also in the Beacon today, research from the University of Akron that reconstructs the color of dinosaurs. Story last month about research published in Nature also sheds light on dinosaur colors. Maybe we'll see Anchiornis huxleyi on Dinosaur Train soon.

4. Is it time to end  "publish or perish" and tenure at universities? OSU president Gordon Gee thinks so.

5. More on EdChoice vouchers in today's ABJ.



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