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Government Efficiency: Fire, Police, School, Service

Yost provides toolkit

By Dave Published: November 11, 2011

Ohio Auditor is offering tips and instructions for leaders to reduce the size of local government entities. Here is Yost's news release with a link to the toolkit.

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Due diligence with education survey

By Dave Published: November 3, 2011

I have seen no evidence of governments rushing into collaboration. If anything, there has been criticism of working too slowly. Almost everyone I talk to emphasizes that creating shared services is hard, time-consuming work. I can't cite any examples, but I'm sure some officials have looked at areas for possible savings and found none. (Politicians are never likely to point out their failures!) Nevertheless, if you strive to find all areas of possible savings, it seems you also wind up making some false starts. Here's an example of looking for exisiting ideas and fishing for others. The attached document was sent by the state to educators to gauge attitudes toward collaboration. How would you answer?

Thanks to Randy Cole for sharing this.

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