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Government Efficiency: Fire, Police, School, Service

Help in emergencies

By Dave Published: September 12, 2011

Obviously, efficiency isn't always about saving money. Sometimes it is to improve services. Here's one aimed at making things go more smoothly during emergencies:

Rep. Carney Introduces Bill to Expand Shared Services in
would make government cooperation easier, response times faster

COLUMBUS – State Rep. John
Patrick Carney (D-Columbus) has introduced legislation to make it easier for
state and local governments to share resources before, during and after
disasters and emergencies. HB 313, jointly sponsored by State Rep. John Carey
(R-Wellston), is another in a long line of common sense, bipartisan bills
introduced by Rep. Carney.

HB 313 expands the Intrastate
Mutual Aid Compact (IMAC) to improve cooperation between local and state
government agencies for prevention and response to emergencies.  When IMAC was
first enacted in 2002, it left out many important partners, including local
public health departments, port authorities, regional response teams and state
institutions of higher education.  This bill includes these entities so that
local governments can call on the broadest range of resources

“This bill is long overdue in the
State of Ohio. We need to be strategic and flexible in our use of resources to
ensure public safety,” said Rep. Carney.  “This bill will allow our first
responders to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.”

This bill also removes the need
for a state or local declaration of emergency prior to utilizing the compact and
allows political subdivisions to share contracted private resources such as
ambulance companies as long as the contract will allow.

Rep. Carney added, “We often talk
about shared services and allowing for flexibility in very abstract ways in
terms of government.  In this bill, Representative Carey and I have offered a
very concrete way to decrease response time and allow for better utilization of
resources, especially in crisis situations.”



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