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Government Efficiency: Fire, Police, School, Service

Studying government cost

By Dave Published: June 14, 2011

Sorry for the long layoff, as a general assignment reporter, I'm often sent off on other tasks.

This site was nominated by Alex Keleman because it inspired him to do his own look at consolidation and whether it really saves money. He's also on Hudson's library board and suggests no all potential combinations will save money. His study will be posted tomorrow. It might take you all day to digest this lengthy report sponsored by The Samuel H. and Maria Miller Foundation, The George Gund Foundation, The Greater Cleveland Partnership, The Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce, The Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber, The Fund for Our Economic Future.

One thing I've noticed is that studies of this sort pay more attention to relative costs and less time talking about service levels. In some cases, agencies are operating at bare-bones salaries and other levels and would certainly increase costs if replaced in any form. But any decision of this sort must also take into account changes in service that might arise.

Mr. Keleman's report will be on this blog tomorrow.

I must disclose here that my wife, Jane, is branch manager of Akron-Summit County Public Library's Portage Lakes Branch.



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