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Government Efficiency: Fire, Police, School, Service

Mayors: Would you sign on?

By Dave Published: September 15, 2011

Here's a Plan Dealer story  with the headline: "Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald asks mayors to sign anti-poaching agreement." Only one city has signed on so far and many reservations are expressed. Is this something Summit County's Russ Pry should consider? Would businesses be hurt by this deal? Would taxpayers be helped by fewer sweet deals?

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Help for difficult situations

By Dave Published: September 13, 2011

Here is a copy of proposed legislation to loosen requirements on mutual aid agreements. The most significant changes, according to sponsor John Patrick Carney, D-Columbus, is to add to groups that can join an agreement (universities, private ambulance companies, etc.) and let emergency crews take joint action without first getting approval from political leaders like mayors, township trustees, etc.

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Help in emergencies

By Dave Published: September 12, 2011

Obviously, efficiency isn't always about saving money. Sometimes it is to improve services. Here's one aimed at making things go more smoothly during emergencies:

Rep. Carney Introduces Bill to Expand Shared Services in
would make government cooperation easier, response times faster

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Looking at local tax collection

By Dave Published: August 31, 2011

State officials are looking at consolidating municipal tax collections. They argue it would be more efficient and catch more people not paying their taxes, thereby increasing municipal revenue. So far, a municipality I contacted is opposed, fearing it is a money grab by the state. Here is a study the state did on similar issues back in 2003.

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Medical costs statewide

By Dave Published: August 25, 2011

Ohio's State Employment Relations Board's 2011 19th Annual Report on the Cost of Health Insurance inOhio's Public Sector offers these tidbits:

Statewide, the average monthly premium for medical and prescription coverage when prescription is included in the medical premium is $474 for single coverage and $1,251 for family coverage.

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Saving on health care

By Dave Published: August 24, 2011

Here is an email provided by Summit County that details how municipalities saved money by helping the county with negotiations, either by offering to join the county plan or providing their current providers with a little competition.

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Not an oxymoron

By Dave Published: August 23, 2011

A couple months ago, a reader asked the rhetorical question: isn't "government efficiency" an oxymoron. After working on this for more than six months, I can say no. This document discusses some moves by Summit County that show, although imperfect, efficiencies are possible and being considered almost constantly. The rest of this blog offers further proof.

I'll include this in a forthcoming story, but I'm inclined to concentrate on the people involved, especially those who are threatened by these moves. So let me ask: Which angle would you prefer I pursue? A listing of the efficiencies or a discussion of how the people are considered. Write me at

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County tries to save money

By Dave Published: August 22, 2011

In preparation for a coming story, I was given the attached document  on the effect of the new state budget on Summit County that includes a summary of attempts to save money through collaboration. The summary begins on Page 8.

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By Dave Published: August 18, 2011

Sources often express frustration from encountering unstated opposition to changes that would make local governments more efficient. In my next story, at least two politicians, one Republican and one Democrat, say that on a fundamental level it's a leadership problem. Both deny partisan politics is involved. As always, if you have something to add, comment here to contact me at


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Green shows collaborative efforts

By Dave Published: July 13, 2011

When Gov. Kasich visited on Tuesday, Green released this document that shows all of its efforts to save money and be more efficient.

Green Schools also played a big part in this effort.

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