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"24" Next-Season Tease

By admin Published: May 21, 2007

From TV Guide, after the jump ...

Here's the release:

This week, TV Guide magazine asks 24’s co-executive producer Manny Coto the burning question: “Where’s Jack Bauer going to start Hour 1 of next season on 24?” Coto reveals exclusively to TV Guide, “It’s a pretty radical shift” next season, “a totally different context with a totally different villain…there may even be a plot thread that doesn’t take place on U.S. soil.”

He tells TV Guide, “In a sense, it’s a reboot – in location and personnel. We’re going to be introducing a new stable of characters, along with a couple of old ones. Jack’s not living under an alias. He’s found a place he thinks he belongs and a job he enjoys doing that doesn’t involve the government.

“What’s also refreshing is the choice of villain: It’s not a Muslim terrorist. In fact, it’s not a terrorist at all. And the character is fascinating, someone with a supremely dark past who’s done something horrific.”

And what about the fate of CTU? Coto drops this bomb on TV Guide, “I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s no CTU next year…We’re pulling the rug out from under our characters.”

For the full story, pick TV Guide magazine’s May 28 issue (on newsstands Thursday, May 24).

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