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"24": The Fate of Kidron, Ohio

By admin Published: February 2, 2009

Spoilers (including one for "The Bachelor") after the jump ...

The folks in Kidron were hoping that Jack Bauer would save them, but Bauer proved somewhat tangential to the effort to keep a chemical plant in a "neighboring county" to Kidron from unleashing toxic, concentrated insecticide in the air.

Janis Gold (Janeane Garofalo) was able to figure out that Kidron was the target, and them team with the chemical plant's manager (Tom Irwin) to get around some of the terrorists' controls of the plant and reduce pressure enough to prevent an explosion. Sadly, the manager died in the effort.

But even as the pressure was being reduced, Bauer did help to spare Kidron when he and his team infiltrated the terrorists' headquarters; when they were discovered, Dubaku decided to flee with the CIP module before he and it could be taken. That effort had only limited success; Dubaku escaped, but the CIP module appeared to have been destroyed in the attack on Dubaku's facility.

Of course, this all played out in ridiculous fashion. For one thing, the chemical plant apparently had no chemical suits, sending the plant manager into a toxic situation in shirtsleeves and a gas mask -- and then died rather neatly considering what all those toxic chemicals could have done to his skin. And what good is the point of having rooftop surveillance if you don't see the pictures until 20 minutes after they have been taken?

But hey, that's "24," where a call to the president gets put through so easily, you'd think someone would call her to say "baba-booey."

Still, I took some delight in Kidron's noble plant manager being played by Angela Chase's father.

Add to this that Stephanie was finally taken off "The Bachelor," and it was a pretty good night.

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