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"30 Rock": "The Funcooker"

By admin Published: March 13, 2009

"I am just a microwave
I am just a microwave
I am just a microwave
I am just a microwave ...
And there's a lot of us." -- The Softlightes

Thursday comedy was a good double-dip this week, with "The Office" below and a solid "30 Rock" working along the show's edge between understandable behavior and surreality. The understandable behavior was, of course, the classroom going wild when the teacher is away; a juvenile comparison, I admit, but look at whom we are dealing with. And besides, it was fun both to see Liz reprise the "Star Wars" excuse, and to see that it doesn't work in NYC.

As for the surreal parts, let us revisit. Tracy becoming a sponsor (although, in the current economy and with GE always questing for profits, it's not as unreasonable as I might have thought once. And let me also say how weary I am over writing things that come back to the words "in the current economy."). Dr. Spaceman and Jenna. The St. Patrick's Day disaster. Kenneth's thinking he was in charge, and what he did with that power. The struggle to come up with a new name for the mini-microwave. What "the funcooker" turned out to be. Laughs on top of laughs.

That said, let me admit that I probably laughed hardest at Dr. Spaceman smacking bear-costumed Jenna to get her to sleep. It was a stupid joke. I am weak. I am a guy. At "I Love You, Man," I laughed at both the vomit joke and the fart joke, although both were well-done additions to their genres.

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