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4:14 To the Seattle Score and More

By RD Heldenfels Published: February 5, 2006

More punting. Madden says both teams look a little tight. Well, maybe if the networks and the NFL didn't delay the game for two weeks and then make the teams sit through hours and days of hype, they'd still be on their playoff rolls.

''V For Vendetta'' ad. Is that the Carver from ''Nip/Tuck''? Glad he's still getting work. Not a bad trailer. I'd go see the movie. Well, I'd rent it from Netflix.

Jay Mohr, Diddy, Pepsi can. I recently watched a lot of Mohr in his old ''Action'' series, so I have a good feeling about this ad. I know, he's making more of a reference to his ''Jerry Maguire'' work. Still, you should see ''Action.'' It's coming out on DVD.

Seattle touchdown, Michaels immediately notes the penalty. Replay after the official's call. Live play, then replay again. Can't believe that a little push-off like that is penalized. As someone once said, this isn't patty-cake.

I'm having a hard time listening to Michaels and Madden. Not that they're bad. Just that after awhile, it becomes noise -- and I can figure out everything I want just from the pictures.

Good Nimoy ad for pain-reliever. VERY funny Ameriquest ad. (I know, some of the ads in the Super Bowl have been shown before. But I'll take my entertainment where I can find it.)

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