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5 Questions for Donald Wildmon (Updated)

By RD Heldenfels Published: February 3, 2006

Update: NBC, more and more the National Buckling-Under-Pressure Company, has backed away from the plans announced for the episode of ''Will & Grace'' described below. You can find a story about it here. But I'm keeping my comments about the situation, below, as is. I am mightily sick of narrow-minded groups trying to force the audience to see only the kinds of shows the groups find acceptable. Anyway, here's the earlier rant.

Feeling flush after the demise of ''The Book of Daniel,'' Donald Wildmon's American Family Association is now going after ''Will & Grace'' for what it considers anti-Christian references in a planned episode guest-starring Britney Spears.

Now, if he was going after ''Will  & Grace'' for guest-starring Britney Spears, then we might find some common ground.

That is what is known as a joke, Mr. Wildmon. ''Will & Grace'' makes jokes. So do Christians. Have you heard the one about why Jesus never went to college?

That's not one of my five questions, by the way. Here they are.

1. Have you ever even SEEN ''Will & Grace''?

2. No, seriously. Have you ever seen it? The show has long pushed content and made jokes about touchy topics. It has also two regular characters who are gay. Oh, now I have your attention. Yes, Mr. Wildmon, they're gay! They make jokes about that, too! And they're funny! Well, one of them is. In fact, the show has at times been very funny. Do you have any idea what funny is?

4. (Since I think I used up 3 when I asked Wildmon about what funny is.) Do you believe that only you should decide what people get to watch? I am imagining a world where the only prime-time shows are called ''Fuzzy Blue Bunnies'' and ''Box Full of Cute Puppies'' and ''50 Ways to To Make Kevin Reilly Wish He Had a Different Job.''

5. What do you watch? Anything? All right, so that's a sixth question. I remember you on a talk show years ago, complaining that you had a big, new color television and you wanted something to watch on it. There were great shows on then, but they probably didn't fit your narrow, squeamish, humorless idea of what television should be. So I'm guessing that TV set still doesn't get much action.

Have you considered cable? ''Rescue Me'' has done some very interesting things with religion.

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