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5 Things I Loved About Tonight's "Friday Night Lights"

By admin Published: April 11, 2007

For reading after you've watched, since mega spoilers follow the jump. ...

-- The moment when Coach tells his wife he'll stay in Dillon, and she tries to talk him out of it. The talks between those two are some of the best depictions out there of the way loving couples talk to each other.

-- The way the whole Landry/Tyra "date" played out, right down to the kiss on the cheek. They're turning into a lovely couple, even if they never are actually a couple.

-- Coach's face when he found out that his new job had leaked. One of the great things about the show is the way Kyle Chandler does angry -- the quick but quiet burn. And that the show believes his character is capable of flying off the handle, which brings us to ...

-- Coach's chat with Buddy.

-- When Matt decided to take control of the last play of the game. It didn't matter one bit if they won at that point (although I'm glad they did), what mattered was that, after glimpses along the way, we saw that Matt had finally become the quarterback he was meant to be.

-- Scott Porter as Jason Street. What a year he has had.

-- The scene between Voodoo and Smash.

All right, so I hit seven there. I was getting warmed up. And I could have picked done one thing: the whole episode, the whole season, the way the show gets to me, the way I forgive it for being a little obvious about the way the big game turned out because the team, the coach, the town deserved that bit of joy.

And I want that second season. Press reports suggest the pickup is close to happening. Let's just get it done, shall we?

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