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70-68 and Other Thursday Notes

By admin Published: June 24, 2010

That marathon Wimbledon set is finally over, with John Isner finally winning the fifth set over Nicholas Mahut, 70-68. I have never heard of either of those guys before. But this is epic. Reminds me of "Tin Cup," with Roy McAvoy shooting a 12 -- but an incredibly memorable 12. As the movie says: "It was the greatest 12 of all time. No one's going to remember the Open 10 years from now, who won...but they'll remember your 12! My, God, Roy, it was...Well, it's immortal!"

I have a review of "Grown Ups" here. I saw it in a packed theater whose audience seemed to enjoy it a great deal. As my review indicates, I thought it was a bad movie in many ways, but still laughed. That's the art of Adam Sandler; his movies don't stand up to thoughtful analysis, but you still find yourself laughing. I mean, I still pause for scenes in "Happy Gilmore."

Today's mailbag is here.

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