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"90210" Nouveau: As I Was Going Up the Stair ...

By admin Published: October 1, 2008


What does it say when a series spends a lot of time talking about characters who are not even on the show? That was just one of the problems with last night's "90210."

There was all that conversation about Dylan, and a mention of Brandon, and even good old Mel Silver was alluded to. At the end, Kelly was going off to see Dylan, and we're left puzzling over Brenda's deal is with Dylan, including her deleting him from her cell-phone list. (I keep waiting for us to find out that Dylan was in a disfiguring fire, underwent plastic surgery and will be brought onto the show looking just like Sean Patrick Flanery.)

(By the way, the New York Post suggest that Shannen Doherty and Jason Priestley had a little Greg-and-Marcia thing going.)

For fans of the old "Beverly Hills 90210" who are still tuning in, the oldies are entertaining enough, although it looks as if we're pretty much done with Brenda (pending a new deal) and possibly Kelly. And the focus on the old show's folks also suggests a lack of inspiration when it comes to dealing with the characters who are actually in the freakin' series for the long haul.

I sort of liked that Naomi's getting-her-parents-together scheme blew up -- the party part, not the ridiculous dinner scene -- because it was played in a way that reminded us how young Naomi is.

I really like the Silver-Dixon relationship, because they are the two most likable characters and actors on the show. (If I were king of the forest, I would send Annie -- ever more annoyingly played by Shenae Grimes -- off to study drama with Brenda, and make Silver the main Silver character. Although Silver's twiggy arms still freak me out.)

Obviously no one knows what to do with Adrianna except to use her for narratively convenient mood swings -- bitchette at some times, sweet and confessional at others, and only intermittently plausible in either role. While there's something to be said for the grownups having storylines, it needs to be a little more than endless shots of photo-taking. And West Beverly has to be the easiest principal's job in any high-school anywhere; maybe this is why we almost never saw the administration on the old show. (Compare the job here to the one Tami Taylor has on "Friday Night Lights.") I hope this all means that the show is still trying to figure itself out; I would hate to think this is the best they've got.

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