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A Couple of Reasons To Love The Smoking Gun

By RD Heldenfels Published: October 5, 2006

First, there's this link to a list of the requirements that the great Iggy Pop has for concerts. (Note, some adult content)

TSG considers it ''the single most amusing concert rider in music,'' and if there was a funnier one, I am sure they would have found it.

Then there's this promotional bit for a book derived from TSG's work:

5 Strip Club Horrors
9 Reminders Why Roman Polanski Lives in France
10 Secrets to a Successful and Steamy Seduction
11 Things a Teacher Should Never Say to His Students
8 Tips For Al-Qaeda Detainees
1 Brawl Started by a Guy Playing with the Lettuce
1 Algebra Equation Involving Condoleezza Rice

Those are just some of the subjects tackled in "The Dog Dialed 911," our new book of lists that arrived this week at fine booksellers everywhere. While greedy Bob Woodward wants nearly 20 bucks for his new book, "The Dog Dialed 911" is yours for a measly $10.97 from Amazon. Really, who can pass up a bargain like that?

The Woodward line alone made me laugh.

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