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A Little Bit of Flipping in the Night

By RD Heldenfels Published: January 16, 2006

Well, I watched fragments of the Golden Globes, but I really couldn't take it for long. Even if someone deserving wins one of those prizes, I understand too much about where they come from to think of them as an accomplishment. I can't even muster much energy for pondering the idea of the ''foreign press'' giving awards to a couple of non-Americans for playing Americans (i.e., House and Elvis). And the modern commercial load is so great, I kept hitting commercials (and promos for NBC series) when flipping to the Globes.

On the other hand, the Golden Globes room at the Beverly Hilton looked a lot nicer than it did when I spent a large portion of the Television Critics Association press tour there in the summer of '05. Not that it looked bad then. And the Globes had given it a historic air. People pointed out the bathroom Christine Lahti was stuck in during one telecast. And, since it was a room where I had to yell at Al Gore, I like to think I had a moment worthy of the Globes. (If you missed that tale, which I plan to bore people with as long as they've still hear of Al Gore, you can find it ''Me and the Veep'' post from July.)

George Clooney looked festive enough in one shot during the telecast that I think that, if Gore was there, Clooney would have yelled at him, too.

Not as loud as he would have yelled at President Bush, of course.

So what else did I watch? A rerun of a ''How I Met Your Mother'' that I hadn't seen. I am ever more envisioning a second season of the show where they marry off Ted, change the name of the show to something like ''These Friends of Your Mother'' and yes, the re-edited ''Bachelor'' premiere with expanded meltdown. All right, I'm weak. But I was curious. And what was all that stuff about the show costing her money? And how does someone get a medical degree and still say things like ''funnest''?

Still, I'm just recording the second episode. I can only stand so much in one night. Maybe I'll save it for a back-to-back with ''Celebrity Fit Club.''

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