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A Little More "HIMYM": "The Bro Code"

By admin Published: October 14, 2008

In bookstores today is "The Bro Code" (Fireside, $13), a collection of aphorisms and life rules attributed to Barney Stimson, played so zestfully by Neil Patrick Harris on "How I Met Your Mother." As you might expect, lines that would sound good on the show do not appear so charming when decorating page after page after page of text. Also, I worry that some casual readers will take this seriously -- especially because it includes a detailed Hot/Crazy scale as well as current Hot Chick ratings. But here and there it made me laugh. One example:

Article 62: In the event that two Bros lock on the same target, the Bro who calls dibs first has dibs. If both call dibs at the same time, the Bro who counts aloud to ten the fastest has dibs. If both arrive at the number ten at the same time, the Bro who bought the last round of drinks has dibs. If they haven't purchased drinks yet, the taller of the two Bros has dibs. If they're the same height, the Bro with the longer dry spell has dibs. Should the dry spells be of equal length, a game of discreet Broshambo* shall determine dibs, provided the chick is still there. *Rock, paper, scissors for Bros

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