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A movie question

By Rich Heldenfels Published: June 3, 2014

As you may know, Clint Eastwood has directed "Jersey Boys," the Four Seasons musical, for release later this month. While I have not seen that film, and so cannot pass judgment, the film does have me wondering if there are directors who never should have done a musical. I started this discussion on Facebook and Twitter, but feel free to join in the comments section on this post.

I am not thinking simply of bad musicals, but of bad musicals by directors who have strong reputations otherwise. Thus, the endlessly dreadful "Can't Stop the Music" is not a contender because Nancy Walker directed. How you feel about "Phantom of the Opera" may depend on where you rank Joel Schumacher as a director generally.

On the other hand, does Rob Marshall get a pass on "Nine" because he also directed "Chicago" -- or is Adam Shankman forgiven "Rock of Ages" because he did a good job with "Hairspray"?

But some candidates, open to discussion: Peter Bogdanovich, "At Long Last Love." Francis Coppola, "One From the Heart' (or, if you consider it sufficiently musical, "The Cotton Club"). John Huston, "Annie." Martin Scorsese, "New York New York."


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