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A Night Out

By RD Heldenfels Published: October 2, 2006

The bride and I went to a screening tonight of ''The Departed'' (hence my watching ''Infernal Affairs'' over the weekend). It's kind of a push which I liked better -- ''Infernal Affairs'' tells the story in a more efficient and balanced way, while ''The Departed'' lights up whenever Alec Baldwin or Mark Wahlberg takes over a scene -- and I'll get into that more later. The thing that struck me most immediately was what a TV hound I have become. I'm more comfortable watching from the couch, and the picture quality of my HD set and of most well-made DVDs is considerably better than what I saw on the big screen.

Still, that big screen! Although I can get lost in the image on my not-very-big-screen at home, especially with the lights turned low, it's not the same as being swallowed by the gigantic image. I know that this screen was not as big as some I remember from bygone days, when even neighborhood theaters could be palatial and before the biggest theaters were sliced into multiplexes. But I was still doing more than watching a world; I was in it.

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