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A reader reacts

By Rich Heldenfels Published: June 4, 2014

After seeing a photo from "Almost Human" with one of my mailbag columns, a reader wrote: "consider not using photos of guns to accompany your Pop Culture Q&A column. it seems insensitive re the mass murders that are occurring more frequently these days."

Your thoughts? Should we not run photos of gunplay in movies and TV, especially considering how pervasive the violence is? Is there a line here between fantasy violence and the real thing? (Thinking back,. was it right of the makers of "Gangster Squad" to revise a major scene because the original version had too many echoes of the Colorado theater shootings?) What's an appropriate response in media?

BTW, some of you may not recall seeing the "Almost Human" photo with my Beacon Journal mailbag. It did not run there.The mailbag runs in a lot of papers, and the photo in question was with it in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

This not only means that I get comments like the one above, but that I am asked about a schedule change on a Miami TV station. And get queries on topics I addressed in recent mailbags, only the other paper did not run that specific question & answer. We all have our problems with available space.)

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