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A Small Upset, Relieved

By RD Heldenfels Published: January 18, 2006

The last couple of days have been interesting in ways I'll talk about another time -- albeit ways that have nothing to do with television, except in their keeping me away from the tube.

I plan to seek solace for the next couple of hours by pulling the covers up to my chin and watching my DVR'ed ''American Idol'' from last night and the last couple of ''Gilmore Girls'' that I've missed. I know, how girly does that sound? Next thing you know, I'll want a mug of cocoa and a pair of pink fuzzy slippers, and will start talking about how dreammmmmmmy that George Clooney is.

Well, at the risk of adding to those girly suspicions, I freaked out briefly tonight when I was setting up the DVR. More meetings tonight, although I hope to be home in time for ''Lost.'' But I'm taking no chances. DVR set for ''Lost,'' check. ''One Tree Hill'' for the wife, check. '"American Idol,'' gotcha. ''Skating With Whoever,'' well, I think I have a review copy somewhere but let's be safe, check. ''Veronica Mars ...''



Oh, my, there's no ''Veronica''!! The local UPN affiliate is running a Cavs game. I like the Cavs. I watch the Cavs. But where's my ''Veronica''? I haven't seen a new episode since -- well, all I can remember is that I was a lot younger and had less gray hair.

Anxiety ensues. I check the UPN Web site to see if ''VM'' is actually on the network. Yup. More searching to see which episode is airing. ''Blast From the Past,'' it says, without one of those big ''new'' or ''fresh'' labels that networks stick on their shows so you'll realize you're not stuck with another rerun.

''Blast'' sounds like a familiar title. Quick, to the episode guide! Ahhhhhh. A rerun.

Oh, I still wish I had a ''Veronica'' episode to watch. Any ''Veronica'' episode would be calming right now. But with all this other new stuff filling up my DVR's memory, I'm happy for a chance to get through some of the backlog.

Now, if I could just remember where the cocoa is....

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