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A Warm and Fuzzy Interlude

By RD Heldenfels Published: October 19, 2005

A couple of calls have come in this morning from people wanting to donate books to a library that ''Three Wishes'' helped set up in Mineral City. (I have a story about it in today's Beacon Journal, which you should be able to see here.)

It made me feel good about going to the library opening, and writing the story. Sure, the big credit goes to Nicole Donant, the girl whose work inspired ''Three Wishes,'' and to ''Three Wishes'' itself. But I'm happy for my small role.

I admit that I choked up a smidge when Nicole arrived at the library, greeted by camera crews and hundreds of well-wishers, many of whom had been standing the sun for hours. (As I went in the library later, Amy Grant smiled and said, ''Enjoy the shade.'')

It was a made-for-TV event, as I describe in the story, with orchestration and retakes along the way, but it still had a good purpose and a happy ending. A TV cameraman I chatted with said he was happy to be covering the story, too, that it was a nice change from crime and death.

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