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''Aeon Flux": Couldn't He Just Say, ''It Looks Better''?

By RD Heldenfels Published: November 9, 2005

The big-screen, live-action version of ''Aeon Flux'' hits theaters in December, so of course the original MTV version has been packaged in a new DVD for release on Nov. 22, in a box declared the ''director's cut,'' no less. A review copy landed on my desk, and here is part of the enclosed note from series creator Peter Chung.

''The original camera negatives were retrieved from the vaults, and in some cases, from my personal archive of materials. The negatives were cleaned and digitally remastered. The original 4X3 standard aspect ratio was carefully preserved, improving the cropping of the earlier transfer to minimize loss of visual information at the edges of the frame. Viewers will notice a marked improvement in line detail and color fidelity over the previous video release. Each scene was then color-corrected with my supervision. In every episode, enhancements such as highlights, shadows, blurs or glows were added to achieve a range of moods and atmospheres not seen in the earlier editions.''

There's more, but you get the idea. And all that is being said about a show whose major appeal is a barely-dressed, animated woman toting a gun.

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