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Akron Murder from '80s Gets TV Examination

By Rich Heldenfels Published: June 21, 2013

The official word: on the look at thje case of Roger "Butch" Pratt: On Wednesday, June 26 at 9/8c, Investigation Discovery is featuring the homicide of Butch Pratt on its all-new series MOST LIKELY TO...


A star athlete in high school, Butch Pratt was the first in his working class family to go to college. Once there, he joins a fraternity and befriends Ed Swiger. But when the two steal from their fraternity and Butch decides to turn himself in, Ed conspires with his girlfriend and brother to silence Butch for good.


This episode includes interviews with:

- Doug Olson, Friend of Butch Pratt

- Ed Wehrer, Friend of Butch Pratt

- Rob Abraham, Friend of Butch Pratt

- James Frank, Fraternity Brother

- Tom Strahler, Greenville PD Detective, Ret.

- Judge Patricia A. Cosgrove, Former Prosecuting Attorney.

From a 1989 Beacon Journal story by Eric Sandstrom on the case:

Police say that on June 17, 1988, the Swiger boys lured Pratt to Akron with the help of two University of Akron coeds. He was driven to Hudson where, authorities say, Ed, a weightlifter and kick-boxer, and Mike punched and kicked Pratt until he stopped moving.

Then Pratt was handcuffed behind his back and his ankles were strapped
tight, and the body was hauled in the trunk of a car to Greenville, police
said. The body was buried by a creek on a farm where Ed Swiger lived with
Linda Karlen, his boss at the local furiture store.


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