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"Amazing Race" and Other Notes

By admin Published: December 2, 2007

Result after the jump ...


This may turn out to be a big karma season. The issue came up in the first show, and tonight's ouster of the blondes, Shana and Jennifer, above, certainly came after they had piled up the bad behavior -- the unnecessary U-turn, the general nastiness by Shorter (and Much Meaner) Blonde tonight. (I know they have names. It's late in a less than ideal day, and I don't have the will to double-check which is which.) No regrets about their departure, and I'm ready to see Jennifer and Nathan go next considering her lunacy and meanness tonight.

Of course, it could just be a bad season for Jennifers.

It sure was a bad season for James on "Survivor: China" Thursday. I've mentioned before what a gambler he was to go into tribal council with two immunity idols and a threat looming, and not use either. It worked once but not on this week's show, and he managed to get sent home because, of all things, he trusted other people. (Insert the appropriate quotation from "Animal House" here.) But it was remarkable to see Denise, largely a cipher up to this point, reveal a passion and a skill. It makes her much more interesting going into next week's show, where the promos show her thinking she's a swing vote.

Not much other TV viewing this weekend, with the exception of football (mostly college games on Saturday). I expect to post something tomorrow morning about the two-hour "Closer" airing on TNT. The more I think about it, the better I like it, especially as a character piece. But I'll expound later. Right now, time to say goodnight.

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