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''Amazing Race'': Down to 3

By RD Heldenfels Published: December 6, 2005

Well, my weekly cheering for ABW (Anybody But Weavers) took another hit this week as the snotty little hypocrites made it to the final three on the show as the Godlewskis' run finally came to an end. And it didn't help that Phil was kissing up to the Weavers big-time at the pit stop, treating them like gutsy independents instead of as the (still) annoying little crew that they are. But I can at least take comfort that there are still two teams I prefer over the Weavers: The Bransens and the Linzes. My wife has been a Linz fan from the beginning, and they are fun, but there's also a sweetness to the Bransens that would make them deserving champions.

As for the show, well, it wasn't all that thrilling when you looked at it just as a show, not as something where you had an emotional stake in one team or another. It did demonstrate the ongoing ''Amazing Race'' idea that you have to pay attention to detail -- like looking for a stray golf ball in a hole! And the golf carts, designed as a tie-in with an ''Amazing Race'' sponsor, were pretty hilarious. But the Weavers' getting pulled over, tantalizing in the promos, was not very exciting in the show itself; it just didn't seem to be enough to deny them third place.

But could we at least hope that third is the best they're going to do?

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