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"Amazing Race": Down to Three

By admin Published: January 13, 2008

Notes, results and some "Tai" food, after the jump. ...


With the elimination of bickering twosome Nate and Jen, seen above in happier times, I am content with any of the three remaining teams winning. Ron and Christina may be the best story, since Ron has by his own admission become a better person for having played the race. But TK and Rachel made an excellent comeback, even with a speed bump added to their efforts because of last week's non-elimination. (Of course, they had help -- as so many contestants get -- from the time one place opened, and airplane/train schedules. Then again, an airplane schedule almost ruined them a week ago.) And Nic and Don are amiable enough.

Jen and Nate, meanwhile, were at such loggerheads that, after their elimination, Jen admitted that the race had destroyed their relationship. And their verbal battle after the misguided subway trip was probably as nasty as they have been.

That said, Nate did provide the night's funniest moment, when he thought Taiwan was the home of Thai food. One of the genuinely amazing things about the race is the lack of knowledge of other lands that some contestants bring.

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