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"Amazing Race": Four Bottles

By admin Published: May 4, 2009
"He Made Me Look Like Alice Cooper" -- Sisters Kisha (left) and Jen perform Detour B "Chinese Waiter" in which they must serve a full table of restaurant patrons by taking the order in Chinese and relay the order verbally to the cook, in order to receive their next clue, on THE AMAZING RACE 14, Sunday, May 3 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS �2008 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

It's official: I want Tammy/Victor to win. Jaime/Cara are too horrible, and Margie/Luke too obnoxious and annoying. ...

I would have preferred that Kisha/Jen make the top three than Jaime/Cara or Margie/Luke, but I have to concede that Kisha/Jen -- well, Jen really -- made a series of horrible miscalculations the last couple of weeks. And the toilet stunt made it painfully clear that Jen just didn't want to win that badly.

A little pee or a million bucks? Shouldn't the choice be obvious? But if that was the only place she had indicated her reluctance, then I might be more forgiving. Instead, there were the swimming problems a week ago, and the tiny-bites approach to eating (not to mention the four bottles of water) yesterday. When you're in a race, you devour. When the couple that you're in close competition with is gobbling the food and catching up with you, you devour. The race is no time for pickiness; you always have one partner who will not only eat, but will eat without fear. Kisha & Jen did at times show an admirable determination, including in their decision to go back to the opera house, and their pushing to figure out the U-turn.

That said, who knew you ate a starfish by breaking it open?

Now, in cheering for Tammy & Victor, I acknowledge that they had a signficant advantage in China. But every contestant brings some kind of advantage to the game, whether it's physical skill, knowledge of an area or special preparations including picking up some language skills. (In another example, Tammy you will recall took swimming lessons before joining the Race.) But I also like Tammy/Victor because they have managed to play hard and well without falling into the sort of unpleasantness offered by Jaime/Cara (who should just stay home, given the way they've dealt with people in other countries)* and Margie/Luke, whose whining finally reached a point where even Margie was getting tired of Luke.

I won't pretend that Tammy/Victor have had their unseemly (if amusing) moments, especially early on. But of the three teams left, they are by far the most likable. I even think they picked Kisha/Jen to U-turn not only because of the foot race issue but because it was the one team they could justify U-turning without getting into issues of personal animosity. And, as I have said before, one of the attractions of "Race" is seeing good people win -- not the best schemers or double-crossers.

*My friend Dan Fienberg has another view here.

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