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''Amazing Race'' Makes A Move

By RD Heldenfels Published: March 31, 2006

On Tuesday night, I not only forgot to watch ''The Amazing Race,'' I forgot to record it. I read the synopsis online but it wasn't the same as seeing people scurry. And CBS doesn't get ratings points for people reading synopses.

I suspect I was not alone among fans missing the show. The 10 p.m. Tuesday slot feels too late, especially for a series that -- overheated young male banter aside -- had a family-audience following. So I am happy to see that CBS is moving the show to 8 p.m. Wednesdays effective next week.

Of course, CBS is not just saving ''Race'' in making the move. The most recent occupants of that Wednesday hour, ''Out of Practice'' and ''Courting Alex,'' reportedly cratered in the ratings, so the network had reason to try something else. (''Practice'' and ''Courting'' are now in limbo, with CBS saying they'll return to the schedule later, though not when or where.) Since I didn't care much about those comedies, I'm perfectly content to see them elbowed aside. I'd much rather catch up on the hippie guys, and the nerds, and the other likable folks on ''Race.''

Then again, any show runs the risk of conflicting with another viewer favorite. An ''Alias'' fan at my office this morning noticed that ''Race'' will be against ''Alias'' when the ABC thriller returns on April 19.

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